Bug Juice
  • Helps loosen bugs from grills, windshields and painted surfaces, for better wash performance.

Tunnel Cleaner
  • A safe alternative product to hydrofluoric acid. Brightens, removes oxidation from aluminum and removes calcium/lime/scales deposits from glass.

Glass Cleaner
  • Concentrated cleaner for glass.

  • Ready to use glass cleaner.

Tar Remover
  • A blend of solvents used to remove tar, wax, grease and adhesives from vehicles.

Simoniz Double Bond
  • Double Bond contains a unique combination of TEFLON and reactive silicones to create this breakthrough product. Double Bond provides a 30 day level of protection.  This application must be followed by a fresh water rinse.

Simoniz Hot Wax and Shine
  • Hot Wax and Shine service applies Simoniz world-famous carnauba wax to your entire vehicle, giving it that hand-rubbed finish without the effort required of hand-waxing.

Radiant Carnauba
  • Produces a colorful light foamy liquid Carnauba Wax that is applied to the entire vehicle, it is typically applied after Tri Foam applicators, from a waterfall/bubbleizer system or can be applied with a K-nozzle system.