• A high shine water based silicone dressing that coats the tire with ease and minimal use.

Exterior Thick
  • High gloss water based dressing with gel like properties which makes for a smooth application.

Elite Shine
  • Long lasting tire dressing that can be applied with a spray trigger.

  • A low sheen water based silicone dressing that is ideal for interior of cars. A clean look without a greasy film or gloss look. Helps to reduce sun glare on the dash boards.

Tire Shine
  • Online silicone tire dressing used in an online tire shine machine in the tunnels for full serve and express washes.

Wet Shine
  • Ultra gloss, quick drying, solvent based dressing made for longevity.

Tire Brite
  • High gloss tire dressing that leaves a long lasting "wet look". Works great on trucks and semi truck tires.